Drop Your Boss 2019
Wednesday 6 November

Our Tamariki face many obstacles in this ever-changing world … so we are asking ‘bosses’ across New Zealand to accept their own challenge, step outside their comfort zone and take part in Drop Your Boss 2019!

Drop Your Boss is an annual fundraiser for the Graeme Dingle Foundation where we ask our Corporate Partners and Business Leaders to nominate their Boss to step off Auckland’s iconic building – The Sky Tower.  All we ask is that your team fundraise through our Givealittle page and raise as much  as possible to see your Boss dropped! All funds raised will support the work the Graeme Dingle Foundation does with young people across Aotearoa.

We invite staff, family and friends to come along and witness their Boss literally ‘go over the edge’ – all in the community spirit of the Graeme Dingle Foundation.

This year we dare to be different and have added Walk The Talk to our challenge.  Walk The Talk is the 360 Skywalk where groups of 6 walk their way round the top of New Zealand’s tallest building.  With no handrails to separate you from the 192m drop, the group will be stepping out of your comfort zones. Get together with your team and encourage them to do the challenge with you. 

If that’s just a little too daring then sign up for Drop Your Boss and plummet 192 metres off the Sky Tower at breath-taking speed.

So come on.  Sign up  for Drop Your Boss and Walk The Talk with us!