Kiwi Can focuses on ‘respect’

Group of kids cheering with hands up

Source: Saturday Express, Blenheim

“Treat them as important; that’s how we show respect; all in this together; make a positive effect!” It’s a catchy little phrase, and one that’s been helping remind local kids about respect.

Around Marlborough, kids have been learning about respect in the Kiwi Can programme this term.

They learn why it’s important to respect and take care of the places we work, live and play.

How they can respect our schools and be proud representatives. Why it’s important to contribute to our community, and practising doing their part, and they’ve learnt ways to respect and care for our environment positively.

Kiwi Can helps them connect to their community and help make it a better place through their actions and attitudes.

How about talking with the children in your life about what respect means to you? And perhaps helping them to apply it even more broadly this festive season. Here are some possible conversation openers to get you started: What do you think the word ‘respect’ means? Why might it be important to look after the places we work and play in? How can we show respect for and contribute to our community, especially at this time of year?

Is there something you can do together to make a difference for someone else? Or to help a local organisation like the foodbank?

How can we respect our environment over the festive season? Can we make some presents instead of buying everything? Can we recycle or repurpose wrapping paper? What other ideas can you come up with together?

What are some good ways to show respect when we give and receive presents?

How can we show others respect? This could involve family obligations and festive behaviour in your family, or how we can think and act if others have different ideas, beliefs and traditions to ours.

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