MYND Youth Development Programme

An Individual Development plan is designed for each person on commencement of the programme, which provides a direction for practitioners to target the individual’s  developmental needs.  This can range from teaching young people to understand and regulate their emotions, learning how to overcome personal challenges, exploring their own identity and increasing their ability to strengthen relationships.

Young people receiving this support may also move into the MYND Transition service once their developmental targets have been achieved.

MYND Transition Service

Practitioners facilitate targeted life skills to support the move into independence and prepare for the reality of the work environment.  Employment related documentation including the registration of an Inland Revenue Department number and designing a Curriculum Vitae are steps toward employment.  Once the young person is deemed ‘ready’ for employment they are supported to fill out applications and participate in interviews with potential employers. MYND will also attempt to track and monitor attendance and progress once a young person gains employment and provide ongoing support to address work or home related issues or concerns.

Positive Youth Development

MYND is committed to Positive Youth Development.  The Philosophy underpins policy, content and practice.  MYND views young people as resources to be developed rather than problems to be managed, is concerned with increasing protective factors and strengthening resilience.  Researchers have suggested that Positive Youth Development encompasses psychological, social and behavioural characteristics that reflect what they call the ‘5 Cs’ (Lerner:2008, Pitman: 1999)

MYND has adopted the 5 Cs of Positive Youth Development as the main framework to inform best practice and guide intervention.

How do young people get involved in MYND?

Only Oranga Tamariki can make a referral as part of the Judicial process.

MYND can accept a young person on any judicial level in Youth Court including ‘out of court’ family group conference plans.

When can someone start?

MYND is a ‘revolving door’ which means a young person can access the Youth Development programme or Transition service as soon as the referral process is completed.