Kanoa Lloyd

I’m Kanoa Lloyd. I work on TV show The Project where I get to meet amazing people and help tell their stories, as well as having a bloody good laugh. I live with my husband, my dog & my cat in West Auckland.

I am really inspired by GDF’s integrity, passion and hard work. Seeing a need in our community and doing everything they can to meet it, helping young people with heaps of potential, shine. So when it comes to Trek to Transform, who wouldn’t want to go on an adventure for a good cause! 

I had the privilege of visiting Papatoetoe West School and seeing the amazing KiwiCan programme. The kids were having such a blast and the leaders were super inspiring and cool!

We didn’t have much money when I was growing up. But both my parents really encouraged me to learn lots and to use my imagination. I was never without a library book- a totally free world in my hand that I could escape into any time.

The best advice I’ve been given is that you never regret a swim. Even if it’s cold or feels like a bit of a drama, I’ve never gotten out of the sea or a great swimming hole and not felt better. Overcoming all the “why-nots” and just plunging in is always worth it.

Dee Paranihi

As a loved employee of the Graeme Dingle Foundation, Dee couldn’t pass up the amazing opportunity to explore Vietnam and help kids across Aotearoa at the same time.

“I live a busy life with 4 kids, a travelling husband, 3 dogs, a cat and 5 acres so I’m never short of something to do. I live my life with a philosophy of ‘why not let’s do it!’ which is why I decided to accept the challenge of Trek to Transform.

I have been working in youth development space for 6 years now and I can never look back at going to work to make a difference. I personally also believe we can all learn believe what we have inside is greater than the things that stand in front of us, but we need to teach our kids this, we are not necessarily born thinking that way.

I had a huge obstacle and faced anxiety for the first time in my life, feeling uncertain of what I could do was such a new feeling to me, I have had to really work at making myself believe I can do it all. It is by taking small steps to the big jobs that you get there.

The best advice I’d have to give to kids around Aotearoa would be to always be kind.”

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Jennifer Moore

As a Mother and Grandmother, Jennifer is extremely passionate about supporting Kiwi kids and equipping them for a positive future.

My husband and I have recently moved out to the country, we have three children and one grandchild between us who absolutely love and support us in our new lifestyle.

My father bought up 5 kids successfully on his own.  He always told us a parent has two things they must teach their children so they can have a good life.  1.  How to have a good nights sleep,  then the  child can rationally cope with whatever comes their way  2.  To have a good self-esteem – then the child can believe they can accomplish anything and everything they put their mind too

I found out about the Graeme Dingle Foundation through a beautiful friend and have decided to support them because I’m aware of the state of children’s self confidence in New Zealand and how some children view themselves.

Everyone has had an obstacle or will have an obstacle in life – no-one is exempt!   Its not the problem, its how you fix it that counts.    I overcame mine by talking, reading, learning and believing that I am enough!

I am privileged to be taking part in the Graeme Dingle Foundation’s Trek to Transform Lives – Vietnam 2019. The money raised will go towards our very own Kiwi kids, by providing programs to help build life skills. These programs enable self-belief in our young children transforming their lives for the better. In today’s world we want our young people to believe what is on the inside matters and is greater than any obstacle they may face.

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Irene Patton

With a love for adventure and new experiences, Irene is stoked to be joining Trek to Transform and supporting tamariki across New Zealand. 

Kia ora, I am an NZ Maori / Pakeha, te wahine, te whaea o te toru, te tupuna o te toru – A wife, mother of 3, grandmother of 3. 

This challenge makes me feel great! I love children, helping, the outdoors, people, Vietnamese food, learning other cultures, warm climates and appreciating where I come from. I very much look forward to meeting the other awesome ladies who care and are doing this trip.

I am so happy to support the Graeme Dingle Foundation. I believe in encouraging growth from our kids at ground level!  This is my pleasure to support GDF as they are getting in there giving the help where we do not see it being needed.  I’d much rather grow them up than prop them up.

I believe we all have obstacles in life, you just have to find your way around them. By being encouraged to know your strengths and potential at an early age, that shot of positivity that’s a big help.  That’s your fuel.  I grew up one of five, our father passed away young and my mother (32 years) was left with five hungry kids.  We went without plenty of times – I have a big heart, it’s not about having nothing it’s about what you have inside.  Some kids don’t get told what they have, their potential is forever locked.

I wouldn’t call it advice, there is so much but my aunty says “every day is a good day, put one foot in front of the other, keep on keeping on” I tell my kids “give it your best shot and as long as you feel good about what you are doing nothing can hurt you” I spent a big chunk of my life being shy – what a waste!

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