• What our Kids say
  • What Principals and Mentors say

What our Kids say

“We learn self-control and to be winners, to try our hardest. ‘Don’t whinge, be strong. Be challengers.’ We help each other. It’s really fun and we do cool stuff.”
Kiwi Can student 

“Kiwi Can guides us children to become young leaders, also to respect, be responsible, be resilient and be encouraging towards yourself and others.  As we keep going I feel like we are coming more together as a family.”
Kiwi Can student 

I learnt that being part of something to help others is an easy and very rewarding thing to do if you just prioritise and manage your time.
Stars student

I enjoyed being able to watch the Year 9’s come out of their shells and become more confident young adults. 
Stars peer mentor

“The difference between Career Navigator and the normal classroom is that mentors come in and help you out… My mentor is awesome. He is a typical Kiwi guy…. Ever since I’ve been involved with Career Navigator, my life is going in the right direction.” 
Career Navigator student 

My goals for the future are CLEARER, BIGGER and BRIGHTER but I’m not afraid because I know through hard work and determination I can achieve my dreams. Thank you for allowing me to be part of Project K. 
Project K student

“Project K helped me become who I am today.” 
Dominic Bird, Project K Graduate and 2012 Sir Edmund Hillary Excellence Award Winner 

“Before Project K, I didn’t want to stay in school. Now one of my main goals is to finish high school and leave with my NCEA Level 3 qualification. The goal setting skills I learnt from Project K and my mentor have made me realise that if I stay focused and believe in myself, I can achieve more than I thought I was capable of.” 
Project K graduate  

What Principals and Mentors say

The Kiwi Can program supports the values of our school and supports us to teach these in another context, which is fun and sits alongside the classroom curriculum in a contextualised way. Kiwi Can tutors are experienced, have great training and have the ability to build really good relationships with students.
Debbie Holmes, Deputy Principal at Kaitao School

“Because of Stars, as a Deputy Principal, I spend significantly less time managing incidents and bad behaviour and more time strengthening our curriculum delivery and developing our teachers.” 
Phil Muir, Deputy Principal, Manurewa High School 

Stars strengthens young people for that tricky transition into secondary school, through training and supporting older students to mentor and walk alongside the new Year 9s.
Otumoetai College