Proud charity partner of The New Zealand Leadership Awards 

We are thrilled to announce that we are the official charity partner of the New Zealand Leadership Awards presented by Robert Walters and supported by New Zealand Rugby

Our partnership between Robert Walters and the Graeme Dingle Foundation was clearly aligned with a passion for leadership. At the Graeme Dingle Foundation, we walk alongside our young people, helping them to gain self-confidence, self-belief and key life-skills including leadership. We are shaping the leaders of the future. 

In addition to our young people our founders Sir Graeme Dingle and Jo-anne Wilkinson, Lady Dingle, share a visionary approach to youth development. The Foundation’s innovative use of education and adventure-based learning, inspire and drive the organisation forward. Working alongside local communities, iwi and the education system, we are proud to offer a suite of programmes that prevent harm and promote well-being for young people across New Zealand. 

The Robert Walters Leadership Awards is a chance for us to come together and honour those who have gone above and beyond, making a lasting impact in their respective fields. We look forward to seeing our future leadersbeing one day nominated and recognised in these awards. Together, let’s honour those who inspire us, challenge us, and are shaping the future of business and beyond.

Robert Walters 

Established in 1997 Robert Walters has been successfully operating for over 25 years, firmly establishing themselves as the leading recruitment experts in the region. 

When it comes to recruitment, Robert Walters stands as an industry leader. With extensive network spans across industries, sectors, and regions, it provides the ability to connect top-tier professionals with their ideal roles. Robert Walters have a profound understanding of the job market, enabling the organisation to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity seamlessly.

The New Zealand Leadership Awards

In recent years, the landscape of leadership has been tested and transformed. Across all sectors of our nation, there are individuals who have made an indelible impact within their organisations, driving growth and change against the odds.

The New Zealand Leadership Awards is more than an event; it’s an acknowledgment of the resilience, innovation, and tenacity that define our nation’s leaders. These awards are a platform to recognise and celebrate these professionals who have not only met the challenges of our times but have used them as a catalyst for meaningful change.

Panel of Expert Judges

Robert Walters are thrilled to announce the distinguished panel for the New Zealand Leadership Awards. Comprising industry experts like Dame Therese Walsh, Peter Beck, Ta Mark Solomon, Dame Patsy Reddy, and more, the panel brings exceptional leadership insights and a strong commitment to New Zealand’s business growth.

Click here to learn more about the 30 esteemed judges

Award Categories

Xero SME Business Leadership Award

The SME Business Leaderships Award recognises and honours outstanding leadership, innovation, and impact within the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector.

Air New Zealand Large Business Leadership Award

Recognising exemplary leadership and strategic vision within the realm of large enterprises, this wards celebrates achievements that drive success and contribute to the broader business landscape.

RHJ Entrepreneur/start up Leadership Award

Honouring the trailblazers and visionaries who demonstrate outstanding leadership in entrepreneurship and startups, this award celebrates innovation, resilience, and transformative impact.

Fonterra Sustainability Leadership Award

Acknowledging leaders committed to environmental and social responsibility, this award highlights outstanding contributions to sustainable business practices, fostering positive change for a better future. 

Hnry Innovation Leadership Award

Celebrating pioneers who push the boundaries of creativity and progress, this award recognises leaders who drive innovation, spark change, and contribute to the advancement of their industries.

SkyCity ED&I Leadership Award

Recognising champions of diversity and inclusion, this award honours leaders dedicated to fostering equality, creating inclusive workplaces, and driving positive societal change. 

Anthony Harper Community Leadership Award

Embracing those who make a meaningful impact on local communities, this award celebrates leaders dedicated to social responsibility, community engagement, and making a positive difference. 

Meredith Connell Public Sector Leadership Award

Highlighting exemplary leadership within public sector, this award recognises individuals driving positive change, innovation and effective governance for the betterment of society.

Pacifica Leadership Award

Celebrating leaders of Pacifica heritage who demonstrate exceptional contributions and positive influence within their communities and fields of expertise.

Māori Leadership Award

Recognising leaders of Māori descent who exmplify outstanding leadership, cultural preservation, and positive impact within their communities and beyond.

NZ’s Most Incredible Leader

Honouring an exceptional leader who stands out for their remarkable vision, inspirational guidance, and outstanding contributions to their field, this award celebrates unparalleled leadership excellence. A shortlist for these two awards will be created from all category applicants during judging, with no direct applications or nominations accepted. 

NZ’s Most Incredible Emerging Leader

Recognising a rising star in leadership, this award acknowledges an emerging leader with extraordinary potential, innovation, and a promising impact on their industry or community. A shortlist for these two awards will be created from all category applicants during judging, with no direct applications or nominations accepted.