Private: Our Ambassadors Stories

Brylee Comer Overcomes Her Shyness

It’s strange to remember I used to be so shy. Going into a shop and ordering by myself, was too much. I really didn’t talk to anyone I didn’t know. Even when I got the call to say I’d been accepted into Project K, I considered declining. Being with a group of people I didn’t know – it all sounded too much for me.

Now that I’ve completed Project K I’ve seen a real difference in myself – I’ve just moved down to Wellington to start University and I’m loving being in a hall, getting to know everyone around me. The shy girl can still try to come out, but I now push myself and really enjoy making new friends. The biggest thing I got from project K was confidence.

Being in the wilderness, with a bunch of people you don’t know, not seeing what you look like – it’s challenging! But by the end of three weeks outdoors, I’d pushed myself and learnt so much about me. I made some great friends, too.

My mentor through the year was amazing. At the start of the year we sat down and worked through setting goals – some were for school, some were personal. We had a lot in common and it was great to have an adult that isn’t your parent to talk and spend time with. One of my goals was to learn the guitar so my mentor and I did lessons together. It was so much fun. Even now, we still keep in contact.

Since finishing Project K I’ve been involved with the National Youth Advisory Group. I’ve done two years with this group now. I love the self growth activities and the chance to give input into the running of Project K for new students. Now that I’m at University we are looking to have me run some modules for the next meeting – it sounds challenging but I love having the chance to push myself once again.

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