Project K Mentoring

The mentor phase of Project K is a key part of a young person’s journey on the programme. As a mentor, you will be paired with a student to support and encourage them in setting and achieving their goals.

Project K mentoring provides a young person with a friendly shoulder to lean on and an objective listener who will help strengthen the positive changes made in the first two stages of the programme. The mentoring relationship complements the student’s existing relationships with parents, caregivers, and teachers.

Project K is designed for Year 10 students and involves three parts: wilderness adventure, community challenge, and an individual mentoring partnership with a trained mentor (this is where you come in!). Find out more here

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Next mentoring opportunities

  • Auckland
  • Canterbury
  • Western Bay of Plenty


  • Project K Kaipatiki Community – October 24th 2024
  • Project K South Auckland Community – October 24th 2024


  • October 2024

Western Bay of Plenty

  • May 18th 2024
  • July 27th 2024

If you’re interested, you can download our Mentor Declaration Form – here

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