Who we are

As the Auckland Kids Achievement Trust we currently support over 10,000 young people through our Youth Development programmes.

Our vision and purpose is to make a better Auckland through our young people, to collaborate with our communities and help to build brighter futures for young Aucklanders. 

Our Management Support Team

Sian Neary
General Manager 

Email: sian.neary@dinglefoundation.org.nz

Andrea Webley
Sponsor Relationships Manager

Email: andrea.webley@dinglefoundation.org.nz Phone: 027 531 7295

Kate Bruce
Grants Coordinator

Email: kate.bruce@dinglefoundation.org.nz

Sara Fearon
Office Coordinator

Email: admin.auckland@dinglefoundation.org.nz  Phone: 09 950 4214

Our Primary Schools Team

Kiwi Can Coordinators

Debbie McLarin

Email: debbie.mclarin@dinglefoundation.org.nz

John Fale

Email: john.fale@dinglefoundation.org.nz

Lauren McLay

Email: lauren.mclay@dinglefoundation.org.nz

Kiwi Can Assistant Coordinators

Ben Latu & Here Piho

Kiwi Can Leaders

Our Kiwi Can Leaders are the gold that makes the programme shine so brightly in our schools. The Leaders themselves come from similar backgrounds to that of the children they teach, and most come from the communities they work in; they are an integral part of the everyday life of our children.

Our Secondary Schools Team

Secondary School Lead Coordinators

Tony Yuretich

Email: tony.yuretich@dinglefoundation.org.nz

Schools: Northcote College, Glenfield College, Waitakere College, Rutherford High, Kelston Girls, Auckland Girls

Chris Heyes

Email: Chris.Heyes@dinglefoundation.org.nz

Schools: One Tree Hill College, Tamaki College, Tangaroa College, James Cook High, Papakura High, ASDAH

Mentor Recruitment

Elena Searle

Email: Elena.Searle@dinglefoundation.org.nz

Secondary School Programme Coordinators

Our Programme Coordinators are simply amazing, ensuring that all our secondary school programmes excel, by going above and beyond for the young adults in our Stars, Project K, and Career Navigator; offering support and instilling in the student’s self-efficacy and resilience.

Our Trustees

Ben Holloway - Chair

Therese Langigan-Behrent

Nicola Biss

Kit Parkinson

Carlos Zurich

Desley Simpson - Honorary Board of Trustee