“As a person who has been in a leadership role in schools for over 25 years in Nelson, Dubai, Tanzania and now Auckland, I have been part of many initiatives. Some have made little difference, some have been significant. Experience has given me the ability to gain a sense of what is making a difference. I have never seen such a significant impact on students as I witnessed with the Graeme Dingle Foundation’s Career Navigator.” – Principal,Manurewa High School​



“I know what is expected from me in a workplace and I can start practising that while I’m in school.”

 “It showed me which pathway to head to. What subjects will take me to my career” 

 “It made me more aware to choosing something I enjoy rather than getting big pay.”

 “It made me more aware of kind of people I’ll be working with. And what I need to do in the future.”

 “It made me more confident in what my future and career will be.”

 “Helps me for what to expect when going for a job interview … It’s a good effect.”

 Year 11 students, Manurewa High School