Real lives, real difference

Our Kiwi Can programme is making waves and empowering children in 100 schools around Aotearoa.

Pukekohe North School has seen drastic changes in the way students interact with each other in just 11 weeks of Kiwi Can. The classroom is now full of happy, confident Kiwi kids who aren’t afraid to voice their ideas and encourage each other in all situations. 

“What we’re seeing now, in just 11 weeks, we’ve got beautiful traction where our kids are starting to work together, to play in the playground properly, to negotiate and communicate rather than resorting to physical violence to solve all their problems.”  – Pukekohe North School Principal, Jim Stafford-Bush.


Kereru Park Campus have been long time supporters of the Graeme Dingle Foundation – Kiwi Can – Kiwi Kaha Programme.

“We are so fortunate to be part of a programme that develops skills in resilience, integrity and respect all whilst having fun. You only need to observe a lesson to see how determined and engaged our students are. Kiwi Kaha not only develops and promotes student wellbeing but also encourages self belief and confidence.  The quality facilitators build strong relationships with our students who respect them as much as they do their own teachers. For our students, relationships are key in ensuring they continue to be confident to be themselves whilst enhancing the mana of their cultural identity. Students vocalise how much they look forward to their weekly dose of Kiwi Can – Kiwi Kaha.” – Kereru Park Campus Principal, Lujoe Johnston