“Kiwi Can has been great in improving social skills and behaviour e.g. encouraging ‘put ups’ and not ‘put downs’ and developing a social community and appreciating that we all are part of it. Through the lessons children have developed a sense of worth, working as individuals, as well as in groups. The children also grow their awareness of what is acceptable and what is not. KiwiCan has been a positive influence on our children, as these lessons are moulded to include fun as well as learning. They also have set rules which children appreciate and adhere to.”  Principal, Oceanview Heights School’ Timaru

“We certainly have been encouraged to think of Whakamaru School as a safe place to be and they feel motivated to come to school on a Friday as it is ‘Kiwi Can’ day.” Principal Whakamaru School


“Kiwi Can is essential to our school’s continuing positive environment, and to help children learn positive social skills.” – Principal, Fernworth Primary, Invercargill


“We had previous ERO reports that had identified that bullying was an issue in our Kura. Since we have had Kiwi Can, the bullying has almost been eliminated. And the behaviour of the Tamariki has been great.”  – Principal, Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Te Matai



 “Kiwi Can is awesome because it gets people to show more respect to other people.”  – Kiwi Can student


“We do fun activities in class involving positive relationships and anti-bullying. And we do really fun things in class, too.”  – Kiwi Can student


“We’ve learnt about respect, which means taking care of things around you, the people around you and yourself.”  – Kiwi Can student