What People Say

Our Kiwi Tahi programme is currently in redevelopment. We’re taking note of interest for when the programme is back up and running. If you have interest in the programme, please let us know

Senior Sgt Steve Smith:

“I can confirm that the Police here in Counties Manukau West (Otahuhu, Mangere and Papatoetoe) have seen a significant decrease in youth activity in and around the Mangere Town centre. What is also evident is that those on the programme are not frequenting the town centre at all – something that is creating a “diffusion of benefits” effect in other areas within a close proximity to the Mangere Town centre. I can certainly see the benefits of the programme and would like to see the programme continue here in Counties Manukau West.”

Previous Acting Principal of East Tamaki School, Tumua Pala’aia:

“When I spoke to two of our other students in the Kiwi Tahi Programme, their faces lit up straight away. Kiwi Tahi is making an impact in the hearts and minds of our students and members of their families. The boys talked about being excited to be picked up and were looking forward to their after school session. One things I love about the Kiwi Tahi Programme is it was developed by local people, run by local people, for our locals. I love how the team is made up of leaders who live/have lived  in our area or a suburb with a similar demographic.

I completely support the Kiwi Tahi Programme and would love to see it continue to grow and be able to cater for more students.”

Constable Ngatainga Herewini – Police Youth Aid:

“Personally, I feel you and the team have done an awesome job with changing the mind-set of the boys I  nominated. I believe Kiwi Tahi have taught them some strong values and given them appropriate coping mechanisms to have a more positive way of dealing with something that they may come across.

Before starting Kiwi Tahi they used to get in a lot of trouble with their older brother in and around the Otahuhu Town Centre. They also have issues at school where they couldn’t handle negative behaviour in an appropriate way. The boys have not come to Police attention since being on the programme.

I feel Kiwi Tahi has impacted greatly on the boys. They have not been causing trouble in the community they live in. There have been no complaints from the community where there was at least one every week because of the negative behaviour they were showing in their local community.

I wish Kiwi Tahi had limitless resources to help this age group in order to guide these young people. I believe there is not enough organisations out there that work with this young age group. It feels like Kiwi Tahi is the only organisation that has stood up to accept the challenge of engaging with this age group.”