Our Kiwi Tahi programme is currently in redevelopment. We’re taking note of interest for when the programme is back up and running. If you have interest in the programme, please let us know

The programme provides positive role models for participants  and their parent/caregivers, supports healthy relationships,  teaches life skills that strengthens self, and provides access to  community services and support.

The 26 week programme focusses on life  skill development aimed at increasing protective factors. (Safeguards that promote resiliency and enhance a young person’s ability to make better decisions.)

Life skill modules:

Strengthen Self – Individual, Family, Culture

Negative Peer Pressure and Gang influence

Negative impact of Alcohol and Methamphetamine

Nga Pou Whaioranga (Health and Wellbeing)

Use STARS (cognitive behaviour therapy tool) to resolve situations

Engagement is usually no less than 2 afternoons per week (pick up from school) + every day during the school holidays.  Staff also work in collaboration with the schools to address any truancy or behavioural issues and are able to provide support throughout the day when required.