The Forever Fund

This beautiful country of ours is so full of potential but for tens of thousands of young people and their families it is a place of hunger, violence and misery, where third world diseases thrive because of poor living conditions… 

With the help of the Graeme Dingle Foundation’s Forever Fund, more and more young Kiwis are set to secure the future success of New Zealand’s community, economy and world-standing, with nearly 30,000 children and young people in programmes each year… 

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What our Donors say…

We have been long term admirers of the work of the Graeme Dingle Foundation because of the successful outcomes they have achieved for the young people of New Zealand.  They change attitudes and behaviours so young people can overcome any obstacle life throws at them and have the opportunity to realise their potential.

A strong Forever Fund will enable the Foundation to continue into the future.  We are very happy to support them and help them achieve this long-term goal and we encourage others to do the same.

Anonymous Donor.

Please consider…

Please consider making a gift today or a bequest in your will and help us raise the benchmark for hope: creating a successful future for this country, one budding generation at a time.

Let’s build an Aotearoa New Zealand we can all be proud of!


Graeme Dingle:
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Jo-anne Wilkinson:
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Our programmes:

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Kiwi Can

Kiwi Can is our energy-packed primary school programme, aimed at children 5 to 12 years. It teaches values such as integrity and respect, and delivers fun-filled learning.

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Helping to support Kiwi kids stay stronger together

Our Stars programme strengthens young people for that often-tricky transition into high school, through training and supporting older students to mentor and walk alongside the new year 9's.

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The sky's the limit

"What are you going to do when you grow up?" No a lot of teens know the answer to that old chestnut! Career Navigator helps by assisting NZ's youth with valuable information, options and guidance around work and life choices, support with achieving goals, and aiming high.

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Shaping the future

Project K kicks in at a time when some kids need it the most. Designed for Year 10's, this programme builds confidence, teaches life skills, promotes good health and encourages a positive attitude.

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