What People Say

“I was privileged to watch a group of youth workers on the MYND programme make breakthroughs with a bunch of under-aged offenders where social agencies, schools and families had failed, despite their best effort.” Reporter, NZ Herald

MYND participants

“I’ve realised that I don’t have all the answers and I can make a change if I’m willing.”  

“The programme helps you to think before you do things. I didn’t really before.” 

“Positive thinking is thinking about good things to do, good behaviour. Its finishing your plan, getting out of the system, using the STARS model.  It keeps you out of trouble and happy.”  

“I don’t associate with other offenders as much as I used to.  The positive outcome of it is I don’t get into trouble.”

“I have quit smoking and drinking so that I can be fit for my sports.”

“I go to bed at 10pm now instead of staying up late at night.”

“I use everything MYND has taught me at school, at home and with my girlfriend.”

“He has stopped drinking whereas previously he was drinking every weekend.”

“I feel a lot better now, I no longer struggle to sleep because I know where he is and that he is not getting into trouble.”

“I always use my manners now after seeing my youth worker do it.  Mum said she is happy because I am helping out more at home”  

“Learning about goal setting you need to take steps to achieve them.  I studied to get my license and to quit drinking.  This helped me to get up early and be organised.” 

 “I know more about what’s right and what’s wrong like when I go to mums house in the weekend to hang out with them instead of hanging with the boys.  I stay home more often….coz im focussed. 

‘I used the STARS model (Stop Think Act Reflect So what).  My mates came over and tried to peer pressure me to go out there with them but said no because I thought about the consequence.” 

“My youth worker looks at the good side of me.  Gives me thoughts about the future.  They helped me with things to get me further in the wider world”.