Stars Teina Overview

About Stars Teina:

Stars Teina is a year 7 and 8 programme specifically created for intermediate schools. It is designed to help students make a successful transition into intermediate and secondary school. It uses an inquiry-based learning approach to explore the programme themes. Stars Teina strengthens the sense of community within a school and brings younger and older students together with a ‘buddy system’. The programme develops positive relationships by encouraging older students to role model positive behaviour. Stars Teina also builds student confidence and life-skills that can be transferred to their school and community.

Download the Stars Teina Brochure here.

How Stars Teina Works:

Stars Teina follows the Kiwi Can framework of four themes of positive relationships, respect, integrity and resilience over a two-year rolling programme (8 terms) using an inquiry-based facilitation style. Students are encouraged to explore the four themes of Stars Teina through their own questioning and discoveries. 

A typical lesson allows the students to go through the inquiry process to establish knowledge or solutions to a values and life-skills based question.