“I learnt how important team work is for the Stars leaders as well as the Year 9’s. I also gained some leadership skills and how to get the Year 9’s to listen and pay attention” – Peer Mentor,  Kelston Girls School

“I have gained patience when dealing with students younger than me and boosted my confidence to lead a group of people, as well as take responsibility for my actions.”  – Stars Peer Mentor

“As I embark on my own journey of being a Stars Peer Mentor and a Year 12 girl who, at the start, did not know what to expect before joining this programme, I’ve come to a realisation that this role has shaped me. In critical situations where my fellow mentors need assistance, I find myself stepping up because I know what it feels like when your voice is not heard. I recognise the importance of being a reliable team-member and offering help during difficult times. I understand what it’s like to navigate uncertainty and tackle challenges.” – Skyler, Stars Peer Mentor, Canterbury

“To the year 11s and 12s, I deeply encourage you to try this program and find your style of leadership which will be very helpful in the workforce. When we can no longer depend on others, we must depend on ourselves, and having skills like leadership and communication will be the foundation of such independence.” Jaanveer, Stars Peer Mentor, Auckland

“As a [Stars Peer] Mentor, I was able to meet with the different mentees and learn from them as well as my peers. I loved the moments I experienced as a mentor with my group… …memories I will cherish from camp and our sessions here at school.” Daniella, Stars Peer Mentor, Auckland


We feel very fortunate to have the Stars programme in our school. The silent voices are now being heard and it encourages reflection and gives confidence. The seniors are now exercising the leadership potential we knew they had.” – Principal, Akaroa Area School

 “Our first goal in 2011 was to increase our attendance above 90%. We have about that now, but not just for Juniors but for Seniors as well. What surprised me was the change of attitude among Seniors once we implemented the Stars programme. They have taken it on themselves. All of a sudden they are important. They are being given training programmes, they are being given some status at the school, and I guess that status is saying ‘you are someone special for us, you are going to work with our Year 9’s.’” – Principal, Manurewa High School