Stars Teina Overview

Stars Teina LogoAbout Stars Teina:

Stars Teina is a Year 7 and 8 programme specifically designed to help students make a successful transition into secondary school. It uses an inquiry-based learning approach to explore the programme themes, working through weekly topics designed for Marlborough students and their needs. Stars Teina also builds student confidence and life-skills that can be transferred to their school and community. It encourages senior students to step up and become leaders within the school, and actively provides opportunities to connect with their community (through things such as their “Community Project”). 

Stars Teina provides a bridge for our Year 7 and 8s – between Kiwi Can (in primary schools) and Stars (in college) – to ensure effective transition to college and reduced anxiety.

Download the Stars Teina Brochure here.

How Stars Teina Works:

Stars Teina follows the Kiwi Can framework of four themes of positive relationships, respect, integrity and resilience over a two-year rolling programme (8 terms) using an inquiry-based facilitation style. Students are encouraged to explore the four themes of Stars Teina through their own questioning and discoveries. 

A typical lesson allows the students to go through the inquiry process to establish knowledge or solutions to a values and life-skills based question.

What are people saying about Stars Teina in Marlborough?

“I have learned how to show my emotions so I don’t keep them in and don’t feel stink.” (Stars Teina student, Renwick School)

“It’s really practical and its helpful with prepping for college” (Stars Teina student, Renwick School)

“My daughter absolutely loved Stars Teina. She would come home and rave about it. Having a separate programme for ‘intermediate age’ kids really helps with the transition to college in a fun and engaging way”. (Whānau member, Renwick School)

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