What is Project K?

Project K is a 14-month programme designed for Year 10 students. It involves three parts (wilderness adventure, community challenge and an individual mentoring partnership with a trained mentor). Project K focusses on building confidence, teaching life skills, promoting good health, relationships and encouraging a positive attitude. The aim of Project K is to arm rangatahi with a belief in their own ability to complete tasks and achieve goals, and to help them find purpose and direction, transforming their lives.

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Project K is underpinned by this whakataukī (proverb):

Whāia te pae tawhiti kia tata, whakamaua te pae tata kia tina
Seek out the distant horizons, cherish those you attain

  • Project K Research
  • Why Project K

Project K Research

Project K:

  • Improves self-confidence
  • Positively impacts school attendance and academic achievement
  • Improves social skills
  • Reduces negative behaviour such as smoking and truancy
  • Improves motivation
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Why Project K

This programme aims to equip Year 10’s with:

  • The confidence to set challenging goals and the motivation to achieve them
  • The ability to form positive social relationships with peers and family
  • The ability to interact with adults to obtain the support and resources they need
  • The motivation to pursue education and employment
  • A connection with community
  • A positive attitude towards health
  • The tools to be economically and socially contributing members of society