Cade-Tutehiwi’s Story

Having gone through the Foundation’s Stars programme in Year 9 followed by becoming a Stars Peer Mentor in Year 12 & 13, we hear first-hand the impact our Stars programme had on Cade-Tutehiwi throughout High School. His transformation throughout the programme led him to be an award recipient at the 2023 National Excellence Awards winning the ‘Stars Outstanding Contribution from a Peer Mentor Award’.  

“The Graeme Dingle Foundation has had a profound impact on my personal growth and leadership skills.

One significant aspect of my journey with the Graeme Dingle Foundation was the unexpected role it thrust upon me as a leader. I had never envisioned myself leading or being responsible for a group of impressionable students.

This experience reshaped my understanding of leadership. I learned that it’s not about a single person shouldering the entire burden; it’s about doing what you can to positively influence the people you lead. Sometimes, true leadership involves recognizing when to delegate to someone more capable, even if it’s challenging.

Another valuable lesson I gained through this Foundation was the ability to be more understanding and adaptable. Being a part of this programme at my school exposed me to a diverse range of perspectives, opinions, and people. This opportunity allowed me to grow as a person and become more accommodating and appreciating the richness of different viewpoints.

The previous attributes and skills I have mentioned have all impacted and improved my ability to lead as a head student, and to be able to connect to my kura effectively and in the way I have envisioned.

While receiving this award is an honour, I must emphasize that it’s not solely my achievement. Credit belongs to a collective effort, as my involvement in the Stars programme was a shared endeavour. We all worked tirelessly to create a positive experience for our juniors.”

Cade Tutehiwi's Excellence Awards Speech