Siaosi’s Story

Siaosi started as a Peer Mentor in the Stars programme as a Year 12 student in 2023. As an individual who is slightly reserved, among a group with great enthusiasm and energy, it took some time for him to warm up at the start of the year. However, over the duration of the programme, Siaosi has come into his own.

Through his Stars Peer Mentoring journey, Siaosi has grown into someone who adds value to training and delivery. He participated whole heartedly and took on every opportunity to further himself in leadership. As a Peer Mentor, he contributed to discussions and developed a deeper understanding of the topics that were explored in the classroom.

Even though the Peer Mentors at Tamaki College have faced their fair share of challenges, Siaosi was not easily discouraged. He often demonstrated a willingness to be flexible and go with the flow, there was always a smile on his face throughout the Stars programme.

Though he is someone who continues to walk with humility, his experience of being in the programme has allowed him to grow a strong sense of confidence when engaging with his peers and mentees. He delivers content with a calm spirit that helps foster a centred, comfortable environment for the Year 9s he mentors.

Siaosi has built a strong foundation for leadership and will go far, as he continues the trajectory he is on.