Chloe’s Story

Chloe recently attended and was an award recipient at our 2023 National Excellence Awards for the ‘Career Navigator Outstanding Achievement of a Participant Award’. Prior to the programme, Chloe was having trouble at school with peers and disengagement. Through her involvement in Toroa Career Navigator, Chloe made a radical 180° shift in her attitude and trajectory and is now on a bright pathway. We hear first hand from Chloe and the impact the Foundation’s programme had on her journey.

“I started my transformation in 2022, when I began attending the Toroa Career Navigator programme with a narrow focus of getting out of school and getting an agricultural job.

I entered this programme having a negative view of myself and education, I felt despondent to attending school and I was heading down a path of disappointment. Joining the course, I thought I wasn’t going to get anything out of it as I was so determined I knew everything about employment. Looking back now, the Graeme Dingle Foundation has taught me so much about the real world including how I should stand my ground in employment and keeping an open mindset.

While attending Toroa, I gained the ability to recognise and identify my strengths and abilities beyond academic levels, which motivated me to have a can-do attitude and see that there is a future for me. During this course my confidence grew around people making it so much easier to be able to encourage others to do their best.

My goal for phase one and two of the programme was to make the most out of every opportunity given and be open to any idea or possible pathway. This has led me to see how I can change my beliefs about myself and to use my strengths and skills to my full potential. 

Since phase three of the Career Navigator course, I have re-engaged in secondary education with a new perspective, attitude and understanding of my worth.

I have gained employment in a role I did not expect I would enjoy as much as I do, as-well as growing my skills and knowledge within this employment role.

I would like to say a big thank you to my Toroa Coordinators, my mentor and the Graeme Dingle Foundation who encouraged and opened my views to a bigger and brighter future.”

Chloe's Excellence Awards Speech